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iceScrum is designed for Scrum, the most popular agile method. For the last 5 years it has grown around the Scrum pillars: Backlog, Sprint, ScrumMaster and Product Owner and helps teams with the ceremonies.

Rich user experience


Going far beyond Scrum, iceScrum eases the team’s transition towards agility. It helps implementing the key agile practices: vision, features, user stories, effort estimation with Planning Poker, task board, …

Pluggable agile tool


The best of both Kanban and Scrum is proposed in iceScrum. The tool includes practices coming from Kanban, like the Work In Process (WIP) limit for urgent tasks, as well as the creation of cumulative flow diagrams.

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Open Source

iceScrum is free and Open Source software, mainly available under GNU Affero GPL V3, and partly available under LGPL V3. The worldwide community is steadily growing, with more than 3000 downloads per month.

icescrum Mobile

Distributed Teams

iceScrum is a web application and perfectly suits the needs of geographically-distributed agile teams.

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Visual Management

By using virtual sticky notes, iceScrum facilitates agility. Thus, iceScrum fosters visual management.